Fast, Safe, Easy and Free

Tango is an innovative, cash based, payment method that
transforms carrying out money transfers and payments into small,
simple life pleasures. Tango app is free and lets you carry out both
payment and money transfer operations.

Tango Pay lets you manage your utility bills,
police fines, leasing and mortgages. We all
have deal with these payments, and while it’s
never a pleasure, with Tango we made it
simpler, easier, faster and ultimately
cheaper. That alone should already put a
smile on your face.

Tango Transfer lets you send or receive
money with the leading money transfer
systems of your region, in just a few steps –
no long queues, no paper forms to fill, no
restrictive working hours and no
additional commissions. You can seamlessly fit it in
your every day life while shopping, filling up
your car or going out


How it works?

Fill in our extremely simplified and intuitive electronic
transfer or payment form at the convenient for you location
and time, whether you are at home, traveling or enjoying your
time out. Tango system will generate and send on the screen of your
device, a unique QR code for the selected transaction.This code contains
all the information about the transfer that you otherwise fill in paper-based forms.

When you are ready to complete the transaction, visit our
partners, carying nothing more than your smartphone, or
any other device containing the code Tango system
generated for you.

Experience the paper free money transfer or payment
operation. Just show the cashier your QR code and they will know what to do. Depending on the type of the transaction you will either receive the cash, or pay out. Finally, a receipt confirms the transaction and stores it safely in your Tango profile.



The registration process is very important. Once completed, you will no longer have to fill in any paper forms or type in your data for future transactions. All the necessary information will be fetched from the profile you create.


Effortlessly, Tango enables you to make a transfer or a payment operation anywhere and anytime within our network. The encorporated map with all the agents and their working hours will help you avoid unecessary travel, save time, effort and ultimately money by chosing the closest and most convenient agent at any given point in time.

fare compare

A distinctive feature that Tango system offers for sending money transfers is a built in commission calculator. You no longer need to navigate all the websites of the money transfer companies and look for that information to compare the fares. With Tango you determine the cheapest in just a few moves.

Download & Support

Consult the app for support in your respective country.


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